Friday, August 28, 2009

Pretrial Release Programs

Some facts for you to consider about taxpayer-funded pretrial release programs throughout the nation:
  • 48 percent of programs have never verified their risk assessment instrument
  • Only 68 percent of programs calculate the failure to appear rate
  • Only 37 percent of programs calculate the re-arrest rate

Why? Because the taxpayers are paying for such programs, which are run by county governments, many with huge bureaucratic programs. The economic costs to the taxpayers for failure to appear and re-arrests of defendants are absorbanant.

Let the private surety industry do its job for you using their own financial resources. We will make sure defendants appear at all court proceedings and adhere to conditions of the bond. If they skip, the bail agent is financially responsible and not YOU!


  1. While the Orange County Pretrial Services program participated in the survey, results were not broken down by state, county or program. Perhaps a concerned citizen would be granted timely access to this data.