Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taxpayer-Funded Jail Release

Defendant #2 - arrested for battery on person 65 years of age or older on December 12, 2012 and released into the Orange County, FL taxpayer-funded pretrial services program.

Defendant has a criminal history dating back to 1995:
  • 11/95 - battery; 2 counts (FDMs); adjudication withheld
  • 1/97 - assault (SDM); no information filed
  • 12/98 - battery (FDM); resisting LEO without violence (FDM); possession of cannabis (FDM); adjudicated guilty on battery and resisting charge; adjudication withheld on cannabis charge; violation of probation; failure to appear; violation of probation
  • 6/99 - DUI (FDM); adjudicated guilty; violation of probation
  • 4/02 - battery (FDM); no information filed
  • 10/03 - trespass in park (ordinance); adjudicated guilty
  • 1/04 - battery domestic violence (FDM); no information filed
  • 11/05 - violation of domestic violence injunction (FDM); no information filed
  • 6/06 - possession of drug paraphernalia (FDM); no information filed
  • 10/07 - shoot/throw missile into dwelling/structure/vehicle (SDF); felony battery (TDF); no information filed on missile charge; adjudication withheld on battery charge
  • 7/10 - driving under the influence with property damage (FDM); adjudicated guilty
  • 7/10 - driving with license suspended/revoked with knowledge (FDM); adjudicated guilty
  • 10/10 - aggravated assault (TDF); felony battery (TDF); no information filed
  • Traffic and municipal ordinance offenses
This particular defendant was able to pay for a monetary bond seven (7) separate times; other release mechanisms included release on recognizance and taxpayer-funded pretrial release.
As you can see, these are not non-violent offenses nor has this defendant committed only one crime.  There are literally thousands of defendants released annually in jails through taxpayer-funded programs on unsecured means.

And you the taxpayer are paying for the program/operational funding, fringe benefits of staff and costs associated with failures to appear and new crimes committed while on release.  

Public policy affects public safety!  Speak up and be heard.