Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facts About Bail Agents

A bail agent is the only part of the criminal justice system that is involved from the point of arrest until the case is disposed of regardless of the length of time the process takes. The bail agent not only gets a defendant out of jail, but must keep up with each and every court date and notify the defendant of those dates in a timely manner to ensure they appear for court. Thus, a bail agent must know the whereabouts of a defendant at all times.

If a court date is missed, the bail agent is responsible for locating the defendant and returning them back to the jurisdiction of the court. If the missed court date was an honest mistake by the defendant, the bail agent will often advocate for them with the court and attempt to get a new court date scheduled. Bail agents can cross state lines to locate and apprehend defendants who fail to appear.

All of this done with the bail agent's own financial resources and not that of the taxpayers'.

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