Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taxpayer-Funded Pretrial Releases

Case Review Number Three: Carlos Javier Saez

Carlos Javier Saez was arrested on 01/01/2010 for battery (first degree misdemeanor) and released by the court through Orange County's taxpayer-funded pretrial release program. On 02/04/2010 a capias was issued for Mr. Saez and he was rearrested on 05/17/2010 (see below for the new arrest charges). The Clerk's database doesn't indicate the reason why the capias was issued but we would venture to say Mr. Saez failed to appear for an arraignment hearing in February. Your tax dollars arrested him, let him out of jail and your tax dollars put him back in jail again!

Mr. Saez' criminal history is as follows:

10/2001: dealing in stolen property and theft (third degree felony) - no information filed by state
09/2002: burglary of conveyance (third degree felony) and petit theft (second degree misdemeanor) - adjudicated guilty
04/2002: possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of cannabis less than 20 grams
12/2002: trespass on property or conveyance (first degree misdemeanor) - adjudicated guilty
07/2003: trespass (second degree misdemeanor) and resisting law enforcement officer without violence (first degree misdemeanor) - adjudicated guilty
09/2004: burglary of a structure (third degree felony) - adjudicated guilty; aggravated battery with a deadly weapon (second degree felony); resisting law enforcement officer without violence and provide false identification to law enforcement officer (first degree misdemeanor) - nolle prossed/dropped by state
12/2005: driving with license revoked as an habitual offender (third degree felony) - adjudicated guilty
11/2008: driving with license suspended/revoked with knowledge (first degree misdemeanor) - disposition unknown
08/2009: robbery with a firearm (first degree felony); aggravated battery and possession of a concealed firearm by convicted felon (second degree felony) - no information filed by state

So what charges was Mr. Saez rearrested for on 05/17/2010 when the capias issued in February was finally served?
  • Domestic battery by strangulation (third degree felony)
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (third degree felony)
  • False imprisonment (third degree felony)
  • Tampering with a witness to hinder communication to law enforcement (third degree felony)

The case is still open and Mr. Saez is sitting in the Orange County Jail!

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