Friday, February 5, 2010

Dirty Tricks and Lies by Pretrial Services Programs

Virginians for the Preservation of Bail are also fighting to get legislation passed that would hold pretrial services programs more accountable for taxpayer dollars by making sure a defendant is indigent to be eligible for release. Accredited and other nationwide insurance companies underwriting bail is behind this effort 100 percent.


Because the wise use of taxpayer funds and public safety should always be a shared goal. Why should a defendant charged with a serious crime and/or who has a lengthy criminal history just be allowed to walk out of jail for free with limited supervision? Is that what you want as a taxpayer?

The Virginians for the Preservation of Bail have professional legislative consultants working beside them because they believe in the private surety bail industry's message of accountability and using taxpayer funds wisely. These legislative consultants are not new to the area of fighting to get legislation passed for their clients. But the tactics and lies of pretrial services "advocates" have opened their eyes in many ways. Below is a direct quote from the chief legislative consultant regarding the environment in Virginia:

"Let me be clear. I have worked on political issues before, many of them controversial. I have never seen a public group as quick to lie, cheat and engage in unethical behavior as quickly or as readily as the pretrial activists. I am disgusted by their attempts and we will not stop until this legislation becomes law. We will not back down in the face of deceit and dirty tricks."

You be the judge. Do you want transparency and accountability, which leads to better public safety decisions, or do you want deceit and dirty tricks?

Public policy affects public safety!

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