Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Free Pretrial Release in Orange County, Florida

Individuals who commit crimes, both criminal and traffic offenses, have a choice in doing so and if caught, should be held accountable for those offenses. They should have something at stake when released from jail to make them feel pressured to attend their court appearances and resolve their case. Unfortunately, many individuals who commit crimes have been through the justice system several times and know how to work it to their advantage. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes; however, hopefully we will learn from those mistakes and not continue to perpetuate circumstances that get us into trouble.

Release from jail for committing a crime is a right. If you willfully break the law and put yourself and others at risk, you should not just get an easy way out of jail with the hope that you will return. Only individuals who are proven to be indigent and who have committed a non-violent, first-time offense should be given an opportunity to "get out of jail free." Afterall, your tax dollars pay for such release.

Over the course of six weeks (November 1, 2009 through December 5, 2009) 276 defendants were released on your tax dollars after committing a combined 300+ offenses. Of the 276 defendants, 191 were court-ordered to be supervised by the jail's pretrial release program, whereby most of the "supervised" defendants will simply call into an automated telephone answering system; 72 defendants were released on their own recognizance, which means they promise to return for all court hearings; and 13 defendants were released "administratively" by jail staff before the private surety bail industry was successful in getting such release revoked.

Below is a breakout of the offenses committed:

  • 38 DUI's (2 with a balance greater than .20)
  • 34 Battery/domestic violence
  • 34 Possession of cannabis <20
  • 28 Battery
  • 21 Petit theft
  • 21 Driving with no valid driver's license
  • 21 Driving with license suspended/revoked with knowledge
  • 18 Resisting law enforcement officer without violence
  • 11 Trespass
  • 9 Possession of controlled substance
  • 9 Disorderly conduct/intoxication
  • 6 Driving with license suspended
  • 7 Driving with expired driver's license >4 months
  • 5 Possessing/giving alcohol to person <21
  • 4 Criminal mischief
  • 3 Providing false ID to law enforcement
  • 3 Unlawful use of driver's license
  • 3 Possession of cocaine
  • 2 Forgery/fraud
  • 2 Tampering with witness to hinder communication
  • 2 Obtaining medical drugs by fraud
  • 2 Aggravated battery on a pregnant person
  • 2 Destruction of evidence
  • 2 Urinating/defecating in public
  • 2 Trafficking in herion/controlled substance
  • 2 Loitering or prowling
  • 2 Driving with license revoked as a habitual offender
  • 2 Grand theft
  • 2 Burglary
  • 2 Prostitution or lewdness
  • 1 Obstruction by false information
  • 1 Failure to obey lawful order
  • 1 Driver's license suspension for financial responsibility
  • 1 Defrauding an innkeeper (>$300)
  • 1 Tag alteration
  • 1 Obstruction by disguised person
  • 1 Failure to leave property when ordered
  • 1 Open container
  • 1 Introduce contraband into county facility
  • 1 Possession of narcotic equipment
  • 1 Aggravated battery
  • 1 Battery on law enforcement officer
  • 1 Intentional threat to do harm
  • 1 Reckless driving
  • 1 Refusal to sign traffic infraction

Many more individuals have been released since on your tax dollars and will continue to be allowed to do so unless you speak out to your elected officials. You can rest assured that a defendant released on a surety bond has their bail agent watching them and will make sure they attend all court appearances - if not, it is not a dime out of your pocket as the bail agent is completely financially responsible for that defendant.

Let private enterprise do its job and take the burden off of the taxpayer!

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