Friday, November 20, 2009

Accredited Surety and Casualty: A Caring Employer and Leader in the Private Surety Bail Industry

Anyone who has a job in these tough economic times is blessed!

As companies strive to balance their budgets, many have been forced into freezing or cutting positions, cutting back work hours, deleting any company "perks" such as raises, health and retirement benefits, holiday parties/events, etc., while taking a hard look at the bottom line.

For those of us who are blessed to remain employed, we generally strive to do our best to support the overall company mission while continuing to do the best job we can to help our companies remain viable in our community.

Once in awhile you find yourself having the opportunity and priviledge to work for a company, that even in the worst of times, continues to show its employees that they are valued partners in the business.

Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc. is one of those companies.

Accredited employees go above and beyond every day because we work for a company, while like others has faced tough business decisions along the way, that truly cares about its employees and their families and promotes its mission and business philosophy in all that it does. Accredited, like other companies, has had to re-evaluate its core mission and service and adjust the business accordingly. However, the morale and enthusiasm of employees remains high.

Run by sisters Debbie and Sharon Jallad, Accredited never ceases to give back to its employees, agents, friends and community. The company values the hard work, dedication and loyalty of all of their employees and even in these tough times, finds ways to let us all know that we are truely welcomed in the Accredited family.

Not many companies have the national reputation, business and fiscal excellence, strong public safety policies, leadership qualities and business ethics that Accredited has. Accredited employees are proud to work for Accredited as we are not only valued as professional partners in the business, but also as family.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Accredited family, our friends and colleagues.

Accredited - you are the BEST!


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