Friday, September 11, 2009

Role of Pretrial Services and Private Surety Bail

There is a role for both the private surety bail industry and pretrial services to play in the criminal justice system.

Pretrial Services should focus on doing a thorough investigation into a defendant's criminal history, social/economic ties, residency, failures to appear, etc. to provide to a Judge at an initial appearance session so that an informed release decision can be made by a JUDGE.

Bail agents will supervise defendants released on a bail bond and ensure they appear at court and abide by other conditions of release. Bail agents will be physically and financially responsible for defendants released on bail.

The decision makers have the information needed for a release decision provided to them by a pretrial services program based on a thorough assessment, and the bail agent ensures appearance at court.

The system runs smoothly by all parties working together efficiently and effectively!

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