Thursday, July 23, 2009

During the past four days, eight people have died in a killing spree across Central Florida, including a homeless individual stabbed 15 times by a 19 year old man. Such crimes keep law enforcement very busy, as well as putting them in harms every time they go out on such calls.

However, almost as quickly as individuals are arrested in Orange County, Florida for all manner of drug offenses, carrying concealed weapons, burglary, theft, fraud, forgery, prostitution, lewd/lascivious behavior, battery, grand theft 3rd degree, DUI, etc., they are released back onto the streets using our tax dollars. This practice is a slap in the face to all dedicated law enforcement officers who risk their lives every day to put criminals in jail as well as all of us as taxpayers that there is no accountability for the actions of these criminals. Many of these defendants have a "revolving door" relationship within the criminal justice system.

This practice has to stop! The private surety bail system has a proven and historic history of effectively and efficiently supervising defendants using their own financial resources. If you care about this lack of accountability and want to help, let us know!

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